Zymbit Bootware Update Utility



Requires superuser privilege.

Utility to perform Bootware Updates; re-partitions and loads images into the Active, Backup or Both partitions


zb-update [ [-k <key-slot>] [--key-file=<filepath>] [-w] | [-y] [-r] ]

Flags                Description


-k, --key-slot [int]      Key-slot of HSM for verifying the update. Uses HSM.

-w, --not-foreign         Key slot is not a foreign key slot

-f, --key-file [str]      Public pem file verifying the update. Uses software.

-y                        Say yes to all prompts

-r                        Perform rollback swap between active and non-active root partitions



sudo zb-update

The script will show your configuration for review and confirmation, or give you the option to change the configuration. This method can be used as an alternative to using the Wizard.

After correction and confirmation of the config partameters, the script will prompt for a reboot to complete the process.

Bootware Update Process

The Bootware Update process will now take place.

The initial configuration process can take over an hour to complete, depending on partitioning and the size of the image(s). The process can be completed via ssh, but an HDMI console is helpful to follow the process. During the process, the blue LED will be OFF.

On the console, you will see:

  • “Loading: Encrypted zboot please wait…” message, which takes around 4-5min.
  • The A/B partitions will be configured and setup for LUKS encryption protected by the Zymbit SCM
  • It will then take a few minutes to get/unpack tarballs from the image.
  • It will take some time to unpack the image into the A/B root partitions depending on the size of the image.
  • Once it’s done unpacking the image to the A and B partitions, it will boot into the updated ACTIVE partition. You can use lsblk to examine the partitions.

Force Failover (Change Active/Backup partitions)

A failover from Active to Backup is done with the -r option to zb-update

sudo zb-update -r

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