Zymbit Bootware Overlay Manifest Utility



Requires superuser privilege.

Utility to perform Bootware Overlay Manifest Updates. Overlay images provide a way to selectively add and delete files or directories from your deployed images.


zb-manifest [-a <file_path> ] | [-r <file_path> ] | [-d <file_path> ] | [-p] [-c]

Flags                Description


-a, --add                   Add file or directory to update manifest

-r, --remove                Remove file or directory from update manifest and deletion list

-d, --delete                Add file or directory to update deletion list

-c, --clear                 Clear all entries in the manifest and deletions list

-p, --print                 Print out the file manifest for additions and deletions


More information

See Overlay updates for more information. zb-manifest will need a key. The key can either be software-based or hardware-based. See Signing/Verifying Images for more information on keys.